P&G Shiksha, since its commencement in 2005, provides children from underprivileged backgrounds access to holistic education.

Supported by P&G India and its flagship brands Vicks®, Whisper®, Olay®, Whisper®, Gillette®, AmbiPur®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Pantene®, Oral-B®, Head & Shoulders® and Old Spice®, the will impact over 20 lakh+ children across India through its various interventions.
Today, P&G Shiksha has evolved into a holistic program providing underprivileged children across India access to quality infrastructure, improving gender equality in access to education and improving learning outcomes in children.
P&G Shiksha has been built and nurtured through conversations with consumers. It allows consumers to contribute towards education simply through their brand choices. Every time you purchase a P&G product, a part of the proceeds go towards educating underprivileged children.
Today P&G Shiksha has evolved into a holistic program that provides underprivileged children access to a complete education and the best of infrastructure to make learning effortless and practical.
As schools around India temporarily closed down as a preventive measure to contain the spread of COVID-19, P&G Shiksha continued its efforts to provide underprivileged children access to education. The children from vulnerable backgrounds face the highest risk of learning loss, the effects of which could last a lifetime. To facilitate continuity of learning, we partnered with Pratham to pilot newer platforms of learning. We connected with students via phone calls, SMSs, video calls and WhatsApp to encourage them to continue learning at home. For children in their formative years, we encouraged mothers to engage their children in simple hands-on activities focused on building their child’s cognitive and language skills. For students in grades 1-8, we provided academic content and engaging activities in Math, Science and English to help them continue learning. Along with partner Educational Initiatives, we provided students access to the Mindspark software to enable them to continue learning. We also set up a toll-free hotline for students to hear educational stories and solve questions over the phone.

Our efforts are in
three main areas

Improving education infrastructure
Empowering Marginalized Girls Through Education
Improving Learning Outcomes
Over the years, in
partnership with
NGO’s we have
we have
Our partnership with Specialist NGO’s,
They lend us their expertise in
various aspects of learning.
Round Table India is dedicated to constructing educational infrastructure across India
Pratham has special expertise in remedial learning to help bring children up to speed with the learning levels as per their curriculum
Educational Initiatives has expertise in computer assisted learning software to improve learning levels among children.
Our Partners
We partner with NGO’s and organizations who serve as specialists, lending their expertise to particular aspects of the educational system.